Learn the art of living in your highest expression of fulfillment by mastering your gifts in service to others.

Maximize Your Purpose

Have you ever felt inspired to do something amazing with your life, but didn’t know where to start? If so, prepare to receive the tools and strategies your life has been missing while you also discover the true essence of your being.

Maximize Your Purpose is a creative, 6-week coaching program designed to deliver awesome breakthroughs that will help you experience life on a whole new level!




Program I :: Maximizing Your Gift Within

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Have you ever wondered what your calling was? Do you feel like you’re all over the place and need more life balance?

Realizing you are more than your skills and talents, but you are the sum total of your gifts. Your gifts become your purpose and your purpose is to serve. Ultimately, you serve others with your gifting by mastering your contributions. This is living in your highest expression of fulfillment.

D’Shaun uses her learning-by-becoming process to propel clients personally and professionally into becoming an active participant in the new design of their powerful life! No fudging here… it’s all authentic!

Rewards & Results

• Design System for Successful Living

• Tap Into Your Inner Resources

• Strengthen Remarkable Resiliency Through Self-Exploration

• Optimize Your Inner Awareness

• Discover A New Realm of Maximum Possibilities

• Effectively and Lovingly Address Any Life Challenges

Program II :: Maximizing The Actor Within

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a powerful impression during your auditions? Do you know how to reach your highest level of acting and become one with the character? Are ready to take your acting to the next level?

Experience a holistic style of coaching that teaches you how to identify your acting process, become one with the character, and make a powerful impression in auditions. D’Shaun’s actor coaching techniques will help you discover not only reach your truth in performance, but they will help you transform your talent into a mastery of your gifts so that you can reach your unrealized potential.

Rewards & Results

• Discover Your Acting Process

• Enhance Your Skills in High-Intensity Performances

• Master the ‘Art of Being’ Any Character

• Strengthened Emotional-Based Performances

• Skills to Help You Own Your Audition

• Creative Breakthroughs That Enrich Your Possibilities

Program III :: Speaking with Magnificence

Do you wonder if what you have share is something that others want to hear? Ever wondered how to find your natural voice? Have you ever been interested in a career in public speaking but can’t seem to get beyond the fear of it?

Attention Speakers! Learning the art of delivering powerful, vibrant, and confident speeches & presentations is achievable with a little guided help from D’Shaun Booker. Are you someone who feels overcome by fear when it comes to public speaking? Have you ever wondered how you could transform your personal story into a powerful message? If the answers are yes, then D’Shaun’s speaker coaching service is for you.

Discover ways to tap into your magnificence by using your personal stories to create powerful transformational messages that you can share with any audience on any platform.

Rewards & Results

• Identify Your Personal or Brand Message with Clarity

• Develop Your Natural Voice, Style, and Topic Structure

• Promote Yourself as a Paid Professional Speaker

• Creating Relatable and Connecting Messages

• Strengthened Writing and Communication Skills

• Authentic, Energized, and Inspired Public Speaking Skills





VIP Coaching Sessions

D’Shaun also offers VIP sessions for 6 hours of outcome-based focus coaching where an intense system of success is created for your personal and professional life.


Compare All 3 Life Coaching Programs

Maximizing The Actor Within
  • 6-Week Coaching Session
  • Client Assessment & Progress Observation
  • Audition & Casting Referrals
  • Customized Program Designed to Meet Your Performance Level
  • Spiritual Cleansing Exercises and Rituals
  • Actor Video Recordings and Journaling
  • Two 30-Minute Coaching Calls
  • Choice to Participate In-Person or Via Skype
Maximizing Your Gift Within
  • 6-Week Coaching Session
  • Client Assessment & Progress Observation
  • Personalized Scenario Worksheets
  • Customized Program Designed to Meet Your Needs
  • Spiritual Cleansing Exercises and Rituals
  • Personalized Integrity Contract
  • Two 30-Minute Coaching Calls
  • Choice to Participate In-Person, Via Phone or Skype
Speaking with Magnificence
  • 6-Week Coaching Session
  • Client Assessment & Progress Observation
  • Monatize Your Message
  • Customized Program Designed to Meet Your Speaking Performance Level
  • Personalized Speaking Scripts
  • Two 30-Minute Coaching Calls
  • Choice to Participate In-Person, Via Phone or Skype

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Let’s Create Some Amazing Results Together!

People that have complete our life coaching process experience amazing changes in their personal and professional lives. From creative breakthroughs to spiritual cleansing, the results are bringing a new sense of clarity and confidence into people’s lives.

“I like to create coaching solutions that encourage people to be ‘unreasonable’, move from the familiar to the unfamiliar, and declare their freedom!”

~ D’Shaun

How long is this program?

The Maximizing Your Purpose coaching programs typically run for 6 weeks. Hundreds of clients have transformed their lives significantly, having gone through them, and continue to utilize our services as their goals expand and experiences evolve.

Will life coaching work for me?

The best way to figure out if any of our coaching programs are right for you is to register for a free consultation. You can also use this form to submit an inquiry and we’ll get back with you shortly.

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