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I am so very excited that you took a moment to stop by and learn more about the Maximizing Your Magnificence (MYM) experience. We are highly interested in what matters most to you and offering a successful system for achieving your heart’s desires. Once you are connected to your purpose – you’re on a path that leads you to service and fulfillment.
MYM will guide you as we shape, design, and polish your new red carpet style of living in all areas of your life! You are a magnificent being awakening to your highest potential.
Let’s begin your new transformational journey of owning your brilliance. It’s time for you to step into your spotlight!
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Career & Life Coaching Solutions

Coaching sessions provide us an opportunity to explore what’s working and not working in your life. We will create a uniquely designed system that leads to joy, fulfillment, success, and a plan for living with purpose!

Individual Coaching

Learn to master your gifts, discover your purpose, and begin living in your highest expression of fulfillment.

Group Coaching

Our virtual training course that moves you beyond transformation as a concept to transformation as a possibility.

Business & Corporate Coaching

A powerhouse training for employers and employees to develop new tools and strategies to achieve maximum results in the workplace.

Actor Coaching

A holistic style of coaching that teaches you how to identify your acting process, become one with the character, and make a powerful impression on auditions.

Public Speaking Coaching

Overcome your anxieties and learning the art of delivering powerful, vibrant, and confident speeches & presentations on any topic and on any platform.

Development Workshops

MYM workshops provide tools and strategies that will move participants forward in their lives, careers, spiritual developments, and more.

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