Professional Bio

D’Shaun A. Booker is known as the Maximizing Coach for her ability to powerfully propel clients to tap into their inner purpose and reach their full potential – to transform them into becoming more than conquerors leaving their limiting beliefs in the dust! Her results-orientated coaching style moves clients to thrive towards becoming their absolute best.

With over 21 years expertise in program development and implementation, D’Shaun has created educational and enrichment curriculum for the non-profit sector, city funded programs, and College community. She has used her creativity to design programming for inspiring, encouraging and motivating people to use their gifts and reach their highest potential. In her desire to help people move pass their fears and live powerfully, D’Shaun has facilitated trainings, workshops, conferences, and retreats to diverse communities that have empowered people to change the course of their life.

In addition to hosting speaking engagements at colleges, faith-based organizations, conferences and special events, D’Shaun has also presented the keynote address at the LA Job Corps and Cal State University at Northridge graduations. She holds a M.A. degree from California State University, Los Angeles and a B.F.A from Howard University. She has been an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Compton Community College, Southwest Community College, and American Musical Dramatic Academy (AMDA).

D’Shaun is also a playwright, director, and producer, and creator of the cable television talk show ‘The Teen Scene’. She is also the founder and artistic director of Oasis Ministry Productions, a spiritually influenced production company and Arts Creating Unity Institute, Inc., a non-profit performing arts organization.

Let D’Shaun help you transform your life with a customized, holistic program that directly speaks to the needs of your mind, body and spirit. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation today to learn more about D’Shaun’s transformational strategies and programs.




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